DeLuca Real Estate knows one thing:

We know an educated buyer will  have an edge over the competition in this competitive real estate climate. 

There are steps involved along the path to becoming a homeowner that always remain constant.  These steps are necessary and must be done in order. It Begins with the pre-approval process.  Yes, that dreaded, get out your tax returns, and bank statements and credit reports... 

It's all worth it because in the end, you will have a beautiful home with your name on the front door 

  • It's not scary

  •  it's not just for the elite 

  • You Can Do It 

  • Sit down, take notes 

  • Let's get you ready to buy a home.

Let our experience work for you.  We will offer guidance to help you understand the local market. While giving you powerful tools and knowledge 

Be informed, prepared  and know what to expect and when to expect it... (Hey, we get it, you don't do this every day ) 

Ready to take the path to homeownership?

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A team always  out performs an individual.  Together we build a winning team for you!

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 Where Do I Start?   

1. Do I need to be pre-approved for a loan?

 In a word YES! (Unless you have saved a lot of cash).

I know, it sounds overwhelming, tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, credit scores...relax, we've got your back.




2.  Let's Go Shopping

Hold on partner, we need to discuss a few things first, we need to have a plan,  understand your lifestyle, budget, goals, let's not put the cart before the horse. 

Take a moment, answer the questions below. 

This is important so think about your answers.

Questions to ask your REALTOR:

  1.  Is it a buyer's Market? or A Seller's Market?
  2. How Much Have Comparable Houses Sold For In The Last 90 Days?
  3. Are Houses Selling At, Above, or Below List Price?
  4. Are Properties Receiving Multiple Offers?
  5. Understand The Seller's Perspective In Pricing
  6. What are the average Days On The Market
  7. How Much Is Too Much?
  8. The Art Of Negotiation
  9. How often will we communicate?
  10. Will You look for houses that fit my criteria that are off market?


You found it! so now let's make an offer but what do we need to do to make sure our offer is strong? How do we know how much to offer?  What is someone outbids us?

1. Don't Get Emotional - it's just a house you don't want to get emotional and pay too much so keep your wits about you. ( I won't let you pay too much anyway).

2. Be Realistic - Please listen to your REALTOR, if a property is priced well and within the comps, you are not going to be successful if you make a lowball offer.  It is not the way to find the seller's bottom line, it is only going to annoy them. If you are serious about purchasing this home, make an offer at the absolute price you will pay.  Maybe leave a little room for negotiation, but if there are multiple offers, you may not get a chance to counter.

3. What To Take Into Consideration - Condition, location, age, lot size, let's say the house is going to need a new roof soon, it is reasonable to take that into consideration when making an offer as it will be an expense you will need to cover, but if the property has a brand new roof, brand new kitchen, and new landscaping, the seller is less likely to take as much off of the price.  This is the discussion you have with your realtor looking at the comparables, condition and what your bottom line will be.  You don't want to be upside down as a rule.

4. The Big Picture - What is your goal in the big picture? Does this property meet most of your needs? How is the price over-all? Is it a good deal? Can you afford it? What will buying this property do to enhance your life?