Small business owners are some of the hardest working people on the planet.  If you want to go into business for yourself because you think it is going to be easy....


As the owner of a boutique real estate brokerage I know what it takes to keep an independent business alive.

Welcome our new page  

❤️ Shop Local 831 ❤️ 

To promote Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley Small business owners

Every Thursday our blog will feature a standout locally owned  

 shop | restaurant  |  service  

Including history and links to their websites, reviews and more

We have information you want to know 


We want to give you information on EVERYTHING LOCAL on The  Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley. 

🏠What we do is not just about selling houses🏠

🐾It's all about  relationships🐾

💥Living the lifestyle that fits you💥

We want to promote our cities and the people who make them special.


 Have you ever stopped to consider how many small locally owned business surround us?  

When I  think about the amount of time, commitment and labor these hard working individuals contribute to make their businesses both come to life and stay alive.  

It is awe inspiring. 

I can think of a few long time local establishments on the Peninsula that I can't live without how many can you think of?


♥️ Hair by Gari  | The Sardine Factory |  Rosines  | Grove Market | Stones Pet Shop

Bruno's Market | Old Fishermans Grotto | Carousel Candies | La Sala's Bi-Rite Market♥️



Shop local before visiting chain stores and restaurants.  Consider you  local merchant or other small business options. 

Families are being raised on these business being successful.

 Whether it's filling a prescription at a local pharmacy vs. Walgreens or picking up eggs and milk at a local corner store vs. your nearest Walmart, 

small businesses are too often overlooked for all the wrong reasons. 

Customers assume that pricing will automatically be higher at a small business vs. a corporate owned store,  

Don't dismiss the perks that many small businesses offer

❤️customer care

❤️ inventory assortment

❤️ community support

Do You Want Your Business To be Featured?

 ❤️ Shop Local 831❤️    


Read why many of our misconceptions about shopping at small business are wrong: FORBES 

The Small Business Administration identified that there are more than 28.2 million businesses operating in the United States as of March 2014, with about 63% of new jobs being created from small businesses between 1993 and mid 2013. Of these 28.2 million businesses, most are "self-employed" - making up about 3/4 of the U.S.'s total businesses. Meanwhile, approximately half of small businesses survive five years or more, many of which make up your coffee shops, favorite local boutiques, preferred chiropractor or local pet shop.