I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to Realtors®

So I really 

appreciate the opportunity to show you how 

DeLuca Real Estate will market and sell the property at 

711 University Avenue in Salinas

✍🏻 Based on our years experience ✍🏻

 there are four areas most sellers are interested in knowing when choosing an agent to represent them:

πŸ“What I am going to do to expose the property to the highest number of qualified buyers and the agents who control the buyers

πŸ’΅ How Much The Property Will Sell For

🏑 Why You Should Choose DeLuca Real Estate As The Brokerage To Represent You

🐎 The Timing


This is how we work to get your property sold for top dollar in this modern age.  We use tried and true marketing as well as cutting edge technology to reach a global audience.

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Comparative Market Analysis

Attached  to the e-mail is a full valuation report for your review as well as a quick market analysis.


Value Range: $430-482.000

  • The subject property is in a highly desireable South Salinas location.

  • The rooms are large and bright

  • The homes in the area range in value and are at various highs and lows.   This variation is due to views, location, age,  updates, and size. 

  • This is a mature neighborhood with homes that remain in original condition while some homeowners have upgraded the properties.  The demographic is a mixture of full time and rental properties.

  • The comparables in the direct neighborhood show the most recent comps from $460,000 t0 $510,000.  I have found that pricing low brings in multiple offers for a higher price as people are very competitive.  The pricing is pretty close and  the values are steady. There are not many comparables, but the comps used are a very good indication of the value of subject property.

  • Take a look at the Comparable Market Analysis as well as the Residential Property Report that I have prepared.  This will give you a very good idea of the fair market value.  The market will drive the price. I trust this information will put you in a great position to determine the best price to sell for in the least amount of time.

Do you know what determines the value of a Property?

Value is determined by the price of the home…in relationship to the features of the home…compared to other homes 

listed and sold in the area…that are like yours.

For example…if you were going to purchase a new car…one priced at $20,000 and another also priced at $20,000, but 

with leather, special wheels and a great stereo, which car is more valuable?  So in short, the pricing I have given you is only on paper at this point, once I see the house, it may be worth more, or less than what is here.  This is just a very good indication of value.



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DeLuca Real Estate is a local owned independent brokerage focused on working on the community.  We are local born and raised second generation REALTORS who grew up in this business and understand the area and people that we serve.  In addition to our core team of Leslie DeLuca, Broker and Robert DeLuca, REALTOR, we have brought in Nick Tortorelli a top Real Estate Broker to partner with. Being a small independent brokerage, we find the best talent in the area to work with bringing clients the best of the best. You will find unparalleled customer service, area knowledge.  We partner with one of the top marketing companies in the country and New York Times Best Selling Author Chris Smith for our marketing and design.