How To Succeed At Anything



 It’s not rocket science, there is no magic formula and one does not need to be smarter than everyone else, come from privilege, or spend thousands of dollars on "get rich schemes". 

To be successful and get what you want is so very simple, but so very difficult.


The secrets: are you ready? 

1. Show up do all of the stuff you don’t want to do and do it well.                   

  • CONSISTENTLY  Every day when you wake up have a plan on the 3 things you are going to do to get you to accomplish your goals. 
  • So, yes, you must have precise written down goals coupled with specific actions you are going to take each day to obtain them. 
  • A system to track and measure the success, and the tenacity to keep goIng even when you are not getting the results you want.

2. Understand who you are and stay humble.

 I giggle when I come across real estate professionals or shop clerks at high end retailers who behave as if they are magical billionaires because they have acquired a coveted client. 

  • Remember, we are the hired help. 
  • We must always keep the level of professionalism 
  • Remember who we are and where we came from and who was there with us while we were getting there. 
  • Don’t ever think you are as important as your client, or that you are suddenly more important because…your just you. 
  • Remember to represent your client with their best interest in mind and not yours.

3. Know Your X Factor and own it

We all have an edge over our competition for our own special reasons. We are not going to work with everyone. 

  • Who are your people? Really think about it. If you know your audience, know your product you will exude confidence, and will have joy and it just becomes a part of you. People naturally want to do business with you.

4. Embrace everything that is provided to you by your mentors

  • Stay away from bright shiny objects all they do is distract you. 
  • Find 3-5 things that work, master them.  
  • You need to have a number of different tools in the tool box to draw from. Scripts, stories, standard operating procedures, answers to common questions. 
  • But mostly, many of us say oh, I already know that. So we are always long for the latest and greatest. Stop it!  
  • What are you doing with what you know? Do you know how to take what you know and put it all together to work for your success?

  • Final Thought: “How many people have you helped get what they want  today?”