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Pebble Beach. Home.  I spent most of my life living here. My family moved all the way  from Monterey to Pebble Beach when I was in 2nd grade.  I remember I thought it was so far away and I did not want to change schools. 

My parents owned a construction company.  So building and selling  houses is natural for me. The smell of sawdust, fresh paint, and new carpet brings me back to childhood. 

We moved into our first house in Pebble Beach on Presidio Rd, around 1965, my parents bought the lot and built the 4 bed custom home for $5,000.

January 2018 -  Past 30 days 14 homes have sold in Pebble Beach. 

3 Lowest Priced Sales In The Past 30 Days

  • The lowest sold 2861 Forest Lodge Road  on the market 20 days for $939,000 it sold for $890,000. It is a 3 bed 1 bath and at 1,967 square ft. it is a property on a busy street that will need updating. 
  • 4176 Sunset Lane in Upper Pebble Beach was on the market for 9 days listed at 998K and sold for 993,000 at 1,826 square feet. Upper Pebble usually gets you more for your money. 
  •  1074 Mission Road 3/2 1,846 listed at $1,025  sold in 199 days for $990K.  Reason for length of time on market? I showed it a few times and it was location.


 In the 60’s when my parents bought their 1st piece of property, they were still giving away memberships to MPCC (Monterey Peninsula Country Club)  with the purchase of a  lot. My Dad, Being a 20 something Minnesota farm boy who didn’t know any better  said, "naw don’t want it there isn’t a pool for the kids". Of course, he developed a passion for and played golf once he figured out it all out. He loved telling the MPCC story over and over again.


I graduated from Stevenson School in Pebble Beach,  went to USC and after graduation, stayed in Los Angeles, lived my life long dream in the entertainment industry. I came home for a visit, met my husband and well, here I am 2nd generation realtor.

The girl who " hated Pebble Beach" (that would be me)   bought her first house at 2889 Sloat Rd in Pebble for $225,000 when she was 27 years old. It recently sold for over a million dollars. No, I sold it  in 2000 should have listened to my mother and kept it. Don't you hate it when they are right?


O.k. where was I? back then,  It was mostly empty lots full of oak and pine trees. My brother, neighborhood kids and our cousins spent hours building forts, picking huckleberries, riding bikes, sliding down the sand dunes. We would play all day until our parents called us in for dinner and then we would be back out even after dark.

In 1976 we moved to the Estate area of Pebble Beach. My parents  bought the land and built that house for about $35,000. These next stats will give you an idea of price tag in that neighborhood today.

  • Yes, A lot has changed over the past 50 years
  • No you won’t be able to buy a lot and build a house for $5,000 or $35,000 or buy one for $225,000 today

Top 3 Most Expensive Houses Sold In Pebble Beach In The Past 30 Days 


  •  Lowest sale price $890,000
  • Median Sale Price $1,717,500
  • High $9,000,000

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The fact remains; real estate was, is and always will be a great long-term investment.

Pebble Beach is magical, I mean who wouldn’t want to live here? It is a quiet, gated community, many of the homes are second homes, the ocean, the golf, the tranquility, mediterranean climate, privacy, zero traffic.

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