Buying a home can be overwhelming.  The thought of getting a mortgage loan can be daunting for many people.  Your thinking "tax returns, bank statements, credit scores... ugh"   Even if you have bought a house before, doing it without the help of skilled real estate and lending professionals can take the fun out of this exciting experience and lead to a lot of frustration and disappointment.  

We know you have lot's of questions!  We have answers....if we don't have the answers, we know where to go to get the answers. Today we interviewed Jessica Aubuchon of Riviera Financial and asked her some questions about the home loan process.  

Where do I start?    What Should I do?     How Much Money Do I need?      Can I Really do this?

Common Questions

  • Is it important for me to fix my credit first before starting the home buying process?
  • Do I need 20% down payment?
  • Is it best for me to start with my bank?
  • Can you walk me through the process?
  • What fees am I going to have to pay and are there any upfront costs?
  • How much do I need to make in order to qualify for a home on the Monterey Peninsula
  • How much commission do I have to pay the real estate agent?
  • Tell me about Interest rates and monthly payments
  • What is mortgage insurance?

Jessica Aubuchon is a Senior Mortgage Advisor with Riviera Financial.  Jessica is a licensed California Real Estate Broker.  Jessica may look young but she started in the real estate business 22 years ago.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her clients.