Being a third generation Monterey Peninsula native allows me an intimate understanding of the people, history, and culture of our community. I know personally how each of us is touched by everything that happens here.  Both the good and not so good.

Quotes you will hear me say over and over:

“My passion is people and I thrive off  of the adrenaline of making them happy while assisting them in solving problems to have a better life.”

When I am not volunteering for one of my causes or working to find homes for people, you will find me playing with my grandchildren, or hanging out with my Yorkies on the beach. You must ask me about the best local restaurants as I love eating my way from Carmel to Fisherman's Wharf all the way up to San Jose.  The highlight of my life is spending time with my very "outgoing" and lovable Italian family. I also have a wonderful tribe of friends who support and inspire me.

Besides being a third generation local, and a second generation REALTOR, my parents instilled a sense of help your community and "love your neighbor".  As a child, I was always collecting money for Jerry's Kids, Unicef or whatever grabbed my heart. Having neighborhood carnivals, selling cookies and lemonade or knocking on doors selling candy.

I enjoy theater, music, travel, cooking, I did mention I love to eat?  anything fun count me in. A graduate of Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, The University of Southern California. 

I  am involved in the local community. My passion is kids, small business and networking. So, serving on the Board of Directors for The Professional Women’s Network of The Monterey Peninsula, Amp Media, and Millennium High School as well as the Advisory Board for Carmel Unified School District, Culinary Round Up Committee For Rancho Cielo and serving as a Red Cross Volunteer fill my soul.

My newest passion is this journey, I’ve been given the opportunity to do something exciting and amazing within our community. It touches me personally and I will tell you about that in future posts.

 I ask you to join me in gathering our community together to raise awareness and funds. I need a tribe, will you join my team? Abundance Thinking Let's give abundantly of ourselves to help those who need us.